Victoria ⇄ Hanna

I am a daughter of Jerusalem.

I am named after my two grandmothers – Victoria, who came from Egypt, and Hanna, who came from Iran.
They were both married against their will when they were young girls.
Victoria rebelled and was non-conventional. She loved the senses, the physical, and life.
Hanna accepted her fate, stayed at home, prayed, taught herself the Bible, and served those around her dutifully and sadly.
Thank you, Victoria, for teaching me courage, self-expression and the lure of that which is foreign.
Thank you, Hanna, for teaching me to love truth, devotion, acceptance, yearning and for being my home.
I dedicate this album to the memory of my beloved father, Tziyon Ezra the son of Victoria, who immigrated on his own from Cairo to Jerusalem when he was sixteen years old, and was a great yet modest sage.
This album consists of works based on voice and speech inspired by my father’s tradition and the sacred books I grew up with.
“O Lord, open my lips, that my mouth might sing Your praises”