Nitzotzot Presents Victoria Hanna

Sunday, April 14 at 12:00

Attune Pesach with Victoria Hanna

Pesach" (Passover) = "Peh Sach" = "talking mouth."

Pesach (Passover) - the time to free the mouth. 

The internationally renowned vocal artist, Victoria Hanna, is coming to Nitzotzot straight from Jerusalem, for an encounter geared for Pesach, the festival of spring.

With this workshop we will prepare our mouths for the holiday.

The mouth is a vessel for creation, development, and liberation.

We will connect with all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. We will begin exploring them through our bodies, based on ancient teachings found in the oldest Kabbalistic text, the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation), which is attributed to Abraham our Forefather.  

We will gain understanding in the meaning of "the Oral Torah" (Torah she'Ba'al Peh). We will feel the presence of our voice in space and work in depth on this, using words from Shir haShirim (Song of Songs).

We will also develop a deep meditation based on our individual names, and we will meditate on it so it serve as a vessel for personal empowerment, and for the upcoming new year.

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