Lectures / Workshops

June 22-24, 2018

International vocal artist Victoria Hanna invites you to a fascinating and in-depth encounter with the human voice.

In ancient cultures, voice and sound were an integral part of healing ceremonies and creation stories – we will try to understand what that actually means.

In the course of few intensive days in an especially beautiful natural setting, we will practice this in-depth inquiry into the voice, connecting it with the body and with the basic natural elements – earth, air, water and fire. We will touch the depths of the body and soul, in order to discover where each vowel and consonant is located. The use of voice and speech through the holy letters of the biblical language will open new fields of insight and creativity for us, and we will understand how this directly affects the performance of every song in every language. Language and sound are magic in space, poured from the soul into the body and into the physical space in which we exist.

Practical information  (English and Dutch)

Vocal Workshop  june 22-24, 2018

Date and time

friday  june  22 - welcome  at 15:00h

start programma friday  16:30h

the retreat ends  sunday  june 24  at 16:00h

Maximum number of participants  24

Location: Centre de Weyst

Adress:  Pater Petrusstraat 21 5423 SV Handel, The Netherlands

Registration and information:

Jan-Hendrik Veenkamp 0031(0)630796057 or Email:  [email protected]


€299 Program and full pension with private room.


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More information (in Dutch) www.janhendrikveenkamp.nl