Berlin Premiere: Victoria Hanna

30.6, 20:00

Victoria Hanna, Israel’s most dazzling musician of the moment, is finally coming to Berlin! Her songs are works of art – Aramaic hip-hop, cabbalistic rap and spoken-word performances.

Victoria Hanna moves between ancient music and contemporary beats, between philosophical and religious texts. Various vocal and language techniques characterize her compositions. She explores the limits of vocal sound, plays with letters, recites the Aleph-Bet. She skips, exuberates, and beguiles.

Victoria Hanna is named after her grandmothers – courageous and rebellious Victoria, devoted and protective Hanna. She named her debut album – in which she works with the Hebrew texts of her childhood – after these two women. The first part, Victoria, focuses on the rhythmic power of language and letters and the second part, Hanna, on the voice. Even though Victoria Hanna, the daughter of a Jerusalem rabbi, fought her way into the world outside religion – the Jewish Orthodox tradition has remained her inspiration and the subject of her artistic exploration.

Victoria Hanna’s debut was released in 2017 and was one of Israel's best-selling albums of the year.

Victoria Hanna (vocals)
Yarden Erez (accordion, oud, keyboard)

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