Jewish Culture Festival

27.6.2018, 21:00, Teatr Nowy, ul. Krakowska 41

Born in an ultra-Orthodox family in a religious part of Jerusalem, Victoria Hanna spent her childhood and youth studying religious texts without any contact with the secular community of the city. This experience has helped her find her place when she crossed the border – she found her own absolutely unique way of expressing herself and her femininity.

Victoria Hanna raps in Aramaic, and her lyrics are ancient Hebrew texts. The term “vocalist” does not even begin to describe her skills – Victoria analyses and crosses the boundaries of sound. She plays around with Hebrew letters, recites aleph-bet, balances between early and contemporary music, mixes and combines religious and philosophical texts, such as the Song of Songs or the Book of Creation with pop arrangements. Victoria captivates her audience at each performance when she is at once imperious and delicate, beautiful and sensual, crossing borders and shy. The first music video of the artist called Aleph-bet song (Hosha’ana) released on the Internet in 2015, quickly went viral, with over a million hits on YouTube, and her debut album was considered one of the most important music events in Israel in 2017.

Victoria Hanna (vocal), Roy Rabinovici (keyboard, tenor saxophone), Yuval Gabay (drums), Yarden Erez (accordion, oud), Oren Tal (lights)