International Shows

APRIL 26 -

Sunday, March 11
Performance 20:30

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Monday, March 12
Performance 14:00

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Tuesday, March 13
Workshop 19:30- 21:00

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Saturday, March 17
Performance 22:30

Location: New Plymouth, New Zealand

Sunday, March 18
Workshop 16:00- 17:00

Location: New Plymouth, New Zealand

Jerusalem-based singer Victoria Hanna is known for mesmerizing interpretations of traditional Jewish texts (both Hebrew and Aramaic) that combine traditional Middle Eastern sounds with rap, hip-hop, and more. Her first official video single “Aleph-Bet” became an instant internet sensation with over a million views.

19:00Areté Venue and Gallery, 67 West St, Brooklyn (Greenpoint)