Jerusalem Jazz Festival, "I Was Astounded Then"

10.9, 22:15, with Omri Mor

Two Jerusalem natives, soaked in the city’s hidden cosmopolitan musicality. She, an artist of voice, sound and soul; He, a piano wizard of unmatched sensitivity and virtuosity. In this debut, the two will meet to place a spotlight on songs from before the birth of the state of Israel – back in the days when the western piano had just begun to court the sounds of the desert. Songs written on a fascinating crossroads where Jewish meets Arabic, secular meets religious, east meets west, and finally – suffering and fear of war meet hope and love. The encounter with these songs walks the line of tension between their innocent beauty – with its raw power – and their appropriation into national ethos. The associative transition between their different layers paints an intricate and complicated portrait of Israeli identity.
Victoria Hanna, eldest daughter of an Ultra-Orthodox Sephardi rabbi, has searched for her place as an expressive woman since childhood, and has always challenged limits. A world renowned artist, performer, and researcher – Hanna combines ancient and modern music in a nearly magical, natural form.
Omri Mor is a prominent, innovative, and diverse voice in the worldwide Jazz scene. From an early age, he has dived deep into a variety of styles and genres – Starting out in Classical music, and moving on to Latino, Andalusian, Gnawa and Jazz. By mixing all his different influences, Mor continues to push the limits of style and possibility in music.
This special performance deals with the early days of Hebrew song as we know it, inviting listeners to skip and jump between the different worlds of it’s founders, and be reintroduced to the many layers that brought it to life.